From Concept to Gold Master and Beyond

Given the comprehensive talents and credentials of the Unsung Productions team, their clients can confidently work at their most creative. The team are able to work with the artist along every step of the way from initial concept to a retail-ready mastered album package and even through to live pre-production assistance should the artist wish to go in that direction. The following categories break down exactly what Unsung Productions offers.

Our Work

Audio Production

It is always the aim of the team to ensure the continuity of the artistic statement throughout the production process. That being said, production can mean different things dependent upon the project. The budgeting of time and money takes place with the producer(s) in order to free the artist from dealing with points which can be stressful and thus block creativity. This facilitates the careful selection of a production team and delegation of tasks to insure efficiency and quality. In most cases, the producer(s) will be quite hands-on with every facet of the project including (but not limited to) pre-production demos, engineering, vocal coaching, tone generating, song arrangement, editing and mix decisions.

Composition & Songwriting

Years of involvement with award-winning and otherwise notable composers, arrangers and songwriters informs the Unsung Productions team in the tools to craft great songs and arrangements. The team can write and/or co-write songs for projects in a wide range of musical genres.

Live Pre-Production

Many of today's artists find themselves embracing the availability of technology which can improve and enhance their live performances. However, much of this technology can present a steep learning curve. The Unsung Productions team has years of experience in working with various professional audio software and hardware used for live playback and triggering. The team is available to consult the artist on such needs even when met with material which was produced outside of Unsung Productions' team. Members of the team are also available for programming and live tour support based on availability. Some artists have no idea what is possible with the aid of technology for their live performances. With that in mind, members of the team can also brainstorm with the artist about what can be done specifically to streamline and enrich an act into a truly customized professional live show.


A great mix can capture the essence of music in a way that transcends technical description. That is because mixing isn't just a technical job of balancing levels and finding a space for things to sit in a stereo field. Mixing is the art of finding the point where those technical details meet the intangible power of music to yield a genuine emotional response in the listener. Unsung Productions fully understands this and sets the team apart from many others in the field of mix engineering.


Some artists have a difficult time comprehending the mastering process in and of itself. Other artists have very strong opinions regarding perceived loudness in a mastered recording. Many artists can have difficulty expressing their concerns or wishes to the mastering engineer. With these variances of understanding and opinions in mind, Unsung Productions takes great care in this final step toward completion and involves the artist in the process to ensure the end result is as it should be. Since the team has walked the bridge between mixing and mastering so many times together and through many different genres of music, Unsung Productions has developed a seamless method of translating great mixes into great masters.

Visual Production

In conjunction with audio-related skills, Unsung Productions offers professional filming and post-production for music videos, concert films and music documentations alike. The team also has an extended family of visual artists who can offer their services for album art, posters, web design or other works to aid in the visual identity of a project or artist.