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With Unsung Productions, you will find that there is no right or wrong sound - only Music.

Producers / recording artists Markus Reuter (based in Berlin, Germany) and Lee Fletcher (in South Devon, UK) are the heart of Unsung Productions: an international music production team without borders. The pair are supported in their endeavors by an eclectic team of creative associates who collectively possess the skills and experience to produce great records at intercontinental distances. Their individual methods are as varied as the locations in which they reside, nonetheless the team goal remains consistent: the creative use of the present moment in capturing a timeless musical document. continue reading »

What We Do

Given the comprehensive talents and credentials of the Unsung Productions team, their clients can confidently work at their most creative. The team are able to work with the artist along every step of the way from initial concept to a retail-ready mastered album package and even through to live pre-production assistance should the artist wish to go in that direction.find out more about our services »

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